Mission Statement

An emergency is a situation that gets a person in a bad, dangerous and helpless situation. It may cost human life and loss of money and property. Thus, it is very important to stay prepared to face the emergencies. Preparing for emergencies is not difficult. What is important is to have the right knowledge to […]

Human Action Guides

The human action guides facilitate the means to have a safe, fast and efficient response for an actual emergency. Human action is significant and if it can take place in a positive way, it can curb the effect of emergency disasters. The main purpose of human action guides is to offer an outline of the […]


A volcano is a mountain opening downwards to the reservoir of molten rock towards the surface of the earth. Volcanoes are made by the accrual of igneous products. As the pressure from gases in the molten rock becomes intense, the eruption takes place. The volcanic eruption can be either quiet or volatile. Its aftermaths include […]


Lightning is the underestimated killer dangerous for the common gentry. Lightning is abrupt electric expulsion either from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth followed by the emission of light. Lightning generally strikes after heavy rain and can also occur about 10 miles off from rainfall. Most lightning victims are when people are captivated […]

Winter Freeze

Winter freeze storms are serious threats for people and their property. They include snow, frozen rain, strong winds, and extreme cold. You have to take precautions in order to protect yourself, your family, home or property. Before winter freeze Stay indoors and keep your pets too indoors. Protect the walls and attic. Caulking and weather […]


A Hurricane is a tropical cyclone, a low pressure system that usually builds in the tropical. The typical cyclone comes with thunderstorms and a counterclockwise spread of winds near the surface of the earth. Facts about Hurricane Hurricanes can make far-flung torrential rains. The coastal areas of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico are […]


Wild areas catching fire is a grave problem for the people who live in and around the wild areas. The dry conditions of the different times in the year and also in different parts of United States can increase the possibility for wildfires. If you are prepared with advanced plans and know how to protect […]


Hail comes in existence when updrafts in thunderclouds take the raindrops up towards the extremely cold areas in the atmosphere. They freeze and combine forming the lumps of ice. As the lumps be very heavy and are not supported by the updraft, they fall off with the speeds of about 100 km per hour or […]

Preparedness Guides

The preparedness guides has the objective of direct spread of information to the general public. The preparedness guides are designed specially to make the citizens aware about how they can protect themselves and their families against natural or man-made hazards. It asks you directly “Are you prepared?” And, if you are not it tells you […]

Water Damage

Water damage can bring a huge damage to your home, its neighborhood and your city. It is very important that you need to prepare for water damage. You must know what you should do during and after water damage. What to do when water damage happens If water leak happens and there is flooding From […]