Emergency Childbirth

The emergency childbirth of delivery of a child happens when no health care professional is available on the scene. It is very important for people around expecting mother to understand the normal process of labor and childbirth. Labour is classified into three stages- First Stage This is the early part of labor. The mother should […]


Bleeding is the loss of blood from any part of the body. Bleeding can happen either in the body or externally. Bleeding can also happen through a natural opening or through a break in the skin. To deal with bleeding in the best way, it is very important for you to know about what causes […]

Chemical Emergency

The chemical emergency may happen when a dangerous chemical is released and can harm the people’s health. It is unintentional in most of the cases, such as the industrial accident, or can be intentional in case of a terrorist strike. Chemicals are found everywhere as they form to be an important part of our life. […]

First Aid Kit

First aid kit is the set of medicines and bandages to offer first aid in an emergency. They are the most essential part of our daily life as they help us to face accidents when you expect them least. The first aid kit has to be well kept, easy to access at home, office, school […]


Epilepsy is medically defined as the inclination to have repeated fits or seizures. The fit is generally caused due to a sudden break of extra electrical activity in the human brain. It results in having a temporary distraction in the passing of normal message between the brain cells. The outcome of disruption in the messages […]