Human Action Guides

The human action guides facilitate the means to have a safe, fast and efficient response for an actual emergency. Human action is significant and if it can take place in a positive way, it can curb the effect of emergency disasters.

The main purpose of human action guides is to offer an outline of the important information, purpose, and responsibilities that dish out to supplement the sound and operative emergency response plan and efforts of unified district agencies and departments.

These quick reference human action guides provide information that may surely assist the community as a whole. There are duties and responsibilities that a community expects its human force to perform in the case of actual emergency. In case of a major emergency or crisis or a disaster in the particular area, the humans are required to partner with the responsible authorities and organizations on different levels.

Participation and Action of Human Force

The impacts and losses caused by the disasters are grave. It brings financial losses as well as the emotional and physical losses. The emotional and physical loss brought by the disaster is at times even more destructive than the financial stress of damage of home, office, business or property.

Emergency incidents are sorted out as per their severeness and possible impact. The emergency event is often classified as the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 situations.

  • The Level 1 Emergency is a minor incident, which is resolved fast with interior possessions and partial help. In this situation, the emergency plan is not followed as there is little or no impact on the human actions.
  • The Level 2 Emergency is a major emergency that disturbs the ample parts of the community. This emergency may influence the mission-critical functions and thus require human action assistance from the other organizations.
  • The Level 3 Emergency is a big disaster that includes the whole campus and nearby community. The normal operations of the area are suspended and all the organizations are engaged in emergency response.

Understanding disaster events for human action

The effects of disaster and emergency are wide and complex. Everyone who faces or experiences the disaster gets affected by it in a way or the other. You may feel anxious in the normal situation about your or your family’s safety. A human reacts normally with great grief and anger to the abnormal event.

  • Recognize your feelings that may help you to recover.
  • Focus on the strengths and abilities that may help you to heal.
  • Accept help and participation in the community resources and programs.
  • Each person has different needs and ways to cope up.
  • To take care of the children and old people is of great concern in the outcome of the disasters.

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