To handle a poison emergency is a serious situation. But, if you know what to do to deal with poison and when you can handle the situation in a better way. Read here to know what to do first in a poison emergency.

Here are the different cases in which one can be affected with poison.

Inhaled Poison

  • The patient should immediately get in fresh air
  • The helping person should avoid breathing in the fumes while helping
  • Open all doors and windows while indoor
  • If the patient is not breathing, the helping person should start artificial respiration
  • Call 911 for professional medical aid

Poison in skin

  • Take off all the contaminated clothing
  • Avoid getting in touch with the contaminated things while helping
  • Wash off the skin thoroughly with water for more than 10 minutes
  • Wash your skin softly with soap and water and rinse completely

Poison in eye

  • Wash the eyes of the patient with lukewarm water. Pour from the big glass kept about two to three inches higher up the eye
  • Give confidence to the patient to blink as the eyes are washed off
  • Do not use the eyecup or eye drops except when the professional or poison center authorities tell you to

Swallowed poison

  • Stay calm and gather the medical information important to make the poison get out of the patient’s body.
  • Never eat something stale, expired or from the open container if you are caught in the situation of swallowed poison, keep your calm and act fast.
  • Clean the patient’s mouth and if there is still something, make them spit out. Keep the sample of poisonous material with you that will help you to make out what the child has swallowed.
  • Keep the poison container to show to the doctor who will make out what was swallowed.
  • If the child has become unconscious and is not breathing, or is suffering from seizures, call 911 or any local emergency number immediately.

Poisonous fumes

In your home, poisonous fumes are possible. They can come from-

  • Running car engine in a closed garage
  • Leaking gas ventilators
  • Stoves running with wood, coal, kerosene that have some working problems
  • Ovens, space heaters, stoves, hot water heaters etc that run with gas

Make your home poison proof

  • Store the medicines, lye, cleaners, dishwasher soap, polish, and other poisonous products safely in a locked cabinet. They should be away from the range of children.
  • Discard all expired and leftover prescript medicines by destroying them or flushing them down.
  • Keep drain, toilet and surface cleaners locked.
  • Keep paints, thinners, varnishes, fertilizers, and pesticides in their original containers in the locked cabinet. Never keep them in containers that you earlier used for food.
  • Before you start your car, open the garage door first.
  • Make sure that the wood, coal or kerosene stoves and appliances are in working order.
  • Install detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide in your home.

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