Wild areas catching fire is a grave problem for the people who live in and around the wild areas. The dry conditions of the different times in the year and also in different parts of United States can increase the possibility for wildfires. If you are prepared with advanced plans and know how to protect the buildings in your area, you can actually reduce the damage caused by wildfire. To protect your home and the neighborhood areas from wildfire is your duty and responsibility.

Here is what you can do to face wildfire-

Before a wildfire

  • Find out the risk of wildfire in your area.
  • Beware of the weather. If there is a long period with no rains, it may increase the possibility of wildfire.
  • Get a professional inspection of your home or your property to get recommendations to reduce the risk of wildfire.
  • Know about the ability of your community to respond to wildfire. Do you have straight and wide roads near your property? Can the firefighting machine pass through those roads easily?
  • Learn the safe fire practices and also and teach them to others.
  • Always keep away ready to extinguish the fire fast and totally.
  • Keep the smoke detectors on each level of your home and sleeping areas.
  • Always be prepared for the emergency evacuation and make safety zones around your home.
  • Make a 30-foot safety zone around your house. Modify or eliminate trees and other vegetation near your home. The more the distance between your home and the vegetation is, the better is the protection.
  • Keep loads of water in your buckets, pool, hot tub, and other big containers

During a Wildfire

  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Stay in your vehicle in case of a serious emergency or main fire. Roll up the windows and close all air vents. One can easily survive the firestorm while staying in your vehicle than trying to run from the fire running.
  • Drive slowly with headlights on but do not drive in smoke. When you need to park, keep headlights on, ignition off and away from heavy brush and trees.
  • If trapped in a┬áhome, get on the floor and cover yourself with a blanket or coat.
  • Stay calm and as the fire front comes, go in the house.

After a Wildfire

  • Inspect the roof of your home immediately. Put off any fire, spark or ember.
  • Check attic for hidden burning sparks.
  • In case of fire, get the help of the authorities or your neighbors to fight it.
  • The water you kept stored will come handy now.
  • Even after several hours of the fire, you should have a watch on fire. Keep checking for spark or smoke all over your house.

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